Annual Membership dues for 2024 are $30.00 to be paid by the January 2024 general meeting.  
This is to ensure that your information will be in the Sunset Slope Quilters 2024 Directory.  
If you are considering joining SSQ, we welcome you to join anytime that is convenient for you. 
Please complete the Membership form and bring it with you to the next General Meeting or mail the
form with payment to: Sunset Slope Quilters, P.O. Box 1521, Grand Junction, CO  81502

Monthly General Meeting Guest Fee is $5.00 



SCHOLARSHIP – An opportunity to advance and sharpen ones skills

Monies for Scholarships are strictly from donations to scholarship fund.


Donations can be made by contacting Vice President or Treasurer. Donations can also be made with your membership renewal.


Scholarships will be given out on first come, first serve basis with the money available in the fund.

The recipient’s name will be kept as confidential as possible. A number will be the identification.

The request can be up to but not exceeding $50.00

Recipients can receive only one scholarship per calendar year.

Applications should be submitted and received before the first Wednesday of the month.

Completed applications can be submitted in person to Lisa Martin or by mail to:

SSQ  P.O. Box 1521 Grand Junction, CO 81502

Scholarships will be awarded by the SSQ Board’s decision.

Applications forms are available on the SSQ website.


The scholarship can be used for:

  • SSQ sanctioned events
  • Membership Dues (New members included)
  • Workshop Fees (Not for kit fees)
  • Rendezvous class fees (Not for kit fees)
  • Retreat registration (Not for lodging or travel expenses)
  • Sit-n-sew registration