Foster Children Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings


March 15th and 16th Sew-in

Our goal is to make 250 Christmas Stockings by September 1, 2023.

Help…Help….Help. It’s the time of year we need to get SSQ Christmas Stocking project started.

I need your help, please come March 15th and 16th at 10:00am to put together strips of fabric on paper to make Christmas stockings kits.

We are going to meet at Donna  Nichols studio located at 3406 C 1/2 Road, GJ 92504. ( 1st. Driveway beyond Allida’s fruit market. Make the U/turn heading down along the drainage ditch).

We need help with sewing, cutting, pressing, and taking paper off the backs of the strips.

There are 4 sewing machines we can use, but I do need some of you to bring a sewing machine. Please call me if you can bring your sewing machine.

Cell: 714-566-4666

The other items you will need to bring is a smile 😊😊, lunch, and willing to help with this great project. Along with a scissors, long ruler, something to remove paper,(tweezers), and rotary cutter.