Foster Children Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Our Foster Children Project committee (Gabi Mear, Joanie Dykema, Carol Wilson and Paula Hammond) are pleased to announce that Sunset Slope Quilters have completed the 2021 goal for this project with over 250 finished stockings which will be presented to Mesa County Foster Children in October.  

Christmas stocking kits will be available at the August 2022 meeting and beyond. Gabi Mear, Joanie Dykema, Carol Wilson and Paula Hammond have said they would help make kits for 2022. In fact, Gabi has offered her home for the cutting party. There’s quite a bit of fabric but we could always use more–especially fabric that would be suitable for lining. Gabi Mear has agreed to store this year’s 250 finished stockings in her garage until our October when they will be presented to the Case Manager of Child Welfare at Mesa County Department of Human Services which they will fill with Holiday goodies.

Thank you to all our members for your generous contributions to this project.
Gabi Mear, Joanie Dykema, Carol Wilson and Paula Hammons

2021 Christmas Stockings PRESENTATION


Assembly of the stockings can be done in one afternoon.  Be sure to give our project  committee a helping hand and pickup your kit at the next general meeting.   You could visit your “Stash” and create your own design.   With your help, we can meet our goal and make lots of foster children happy at Christmas time.  These projects need to be completed by October 1st.

Each month patterns and instructions are available. New kits are  available beginning in January.  Our Project committee puts together kits which include fabric, pattern, and some trim.   There is a Sew-In planned as a work shop in 2022.  Our members can volunteer to assemble the kits to make wonderful Christmas Stockings as our gift to the foster children program in the following year.

Thank you to everyone for your help.

Gabi Mear, Joanie Dykema, Carol Wilson and Paula Hammons