St. Mary’s NICU

Baby Buddies Kits for the NICU

Our Community Affairs groups, Orchard Stitchers, accepted the challenge to start this project for kits that volunteers can make to be delivered to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at St. Mary’s. These kits will contain materials and instructions for baby quilts and isolette covers. Marcie Claussen of SSQ’s Orchard Stitchers will be the contact person for this project. Community Affairs is working on just what is needed and putting patterns and fabric together.

NICU Sew-in:

Following the October meeting and program, we will be having a sew-in for the NICU.

Please bring a sewing machine and basic sewing kit if you would like to help sew after the meeting.

  • What is needed?
    • Must be 100% cotton. No flannel (it pills).
    • Baby Buddies – one side dark and other side light.
    • Remember that these babies’ neuro systems are still developing.