Sunset Slope Quilter’s Community Affairs

 Community Affairs. 

Face Masks – Helping to protect all from COVID-19

Sunset Slope Quilters responded to requests from our community medical service providers for cloth face masks! 

Thank you, thank you to everyone! If you would still like to help by donating face masks, contact us by email to be put on the face mask email group. All the face masks so far are being used.  We have donated well over 100 of the cloth masks to the Fruita community medical providers (Colorado Canyons) and completed about 350 of the sterile masks for them.

We love our community and take an active part in it.  

Throughout the year, our members select community programs to make contributions of quilting projects to the community efforts.

  • St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Program:  Donations of lap quilts
  • Mesa County Foster Children:  Annual Contributions of a Christmas Stocking for each child
  • Habitat for Humanity Homes:  Periodic gifts to a family completing a new home
  • Other worthy causes that are approved by our membership

This Community Affairs Quilt was created from the Blocks that were made during our March Sew-In workshop.  Thanks to all members that gave a helping hand.


TIPS by Char:

I found these tips in the June/July 2019 is-sue of SEW NEWS and decided to share them.
TIP: OLD CUTTING MATS – Cutting mats do wear out, but many still have useable parts. Cut them into smaller mats to take to classes, retreats, or a friend’s house. OR use the worn-out mats for tote or purse bottoms. The mats are easy to cut to the desired width and length using the grid lines. The mats are the perfect thickness and have the right amount of stiffness and flexibility.
TIP: WINDING BOBBINS — if you control the speed as you wind bobbins, wind bobbins at the same speed you sew. Too fast and your seams may ripple; too slow and the seams will be too loose.
TIP: DOUBLED THREAD – When using a doubled thread to hand stitch or baste, knot each end individually. It will prevent the thread from tangling and knotting while you stitch.