Sunset Slope Quilter’s Community Affairs

 Community Affairs. 

We love our community and take an active part in it.  

Throughout the year, our members select community programs to make contributions of quilting projects to the community efforts.

  • St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Program:  Donations of lap quilts
  • Mesa County Foster Children:  Annual Contributions of a Christmas Stocking for each child
  • Habitat for Humanity Homes:  Periodic gifts to a family completing a new home
  • Other worthy causes that are approved by our membership

This Community Affairs Quilt was created from the Blocks that were made during our March Sew-In workshop.  Thanks to all members that gave a helping hand.


TIPS by Char:

PRESSING ACCIDENTS can be prevented by keeping the iron soleplate clean! Check the
soleplate often. Clean immediately.

A great deal of time will be saved. A buildup of fibers, detergents and fabric softener  residues, fusible resins or starch can scorch or rub off on fabric. Many of us have spent time trying to remove scorch marks from completed blocks or quilts because we did not check the soleplate of the iron.

Use an applique press sheet to protect the ironing board cover from fusible residue.
Each of us has had problems at workshops because someone did not protect the ironing board cover from fusibles.  Be courteous!

TIP: Use an EMERY BOARD to smooth the rough edges on a thread spool to prevent the fraying of the thread.

TIP: STORAGE SPACE. Use vacuum-sealed storage bags to store batting and stuffing. RESULT:  More space in your sewing room or storage area