Current Month Program

July 14, 2021 Program
Sunset Slope Quilters Parade of Quilt Studios
(hosted by our generous members of SSQ) Reserve your place for this live tour of some of our members’ custom quilt rooms.  You are invited to drive to our hosting members homes and view their quilting studios.  Vote for your favorite room
The Plan:
After a quick business meeting we will divide into four groups. Each group will have an order to their “parade” so we don’t all show up at the same place at the same time and overwhelm our gracious studio owners. You will be given directions and a map. We encourage you to car pool. A few awesome members have volunteered to drive. We are planning on about ½ hour per stop plus travel time.
You will pick up your lunch along the way. Two quilt studios will have sandwiches and two will have dessert and snacks. Water will be available at each location.
Passport Drawing:
You will each get a SSQ Parade of Quilt Studios Passport.      In your passport there is a sticker card. At each studio you visit will get a sticker for your passport. You will turn in your sticker card at your last studio stop.
At our August meeting, we will draw from the completed cards and award some fabulous prizes.