Current Month Program

October 13, 2021 Program
Sharon Braunagel – Trunk Show
A celebration of Scrap Quilts; and a Bit of Design Theory Along the Way
Approximately 20 scrap quilts will be shown.  Not only will we enjoy their intrinsic beauty, but they will be examined for design features and their use of color, value and texture.
Sharon has an Undergraduate Degree in Design and her training is as a Costume Designer.  For her graduate work she studied the Biochemistry of Vision.  

A  Reminder:

Barnes & Noble Quilt Show & Book Fair

November 13, 2021

 Quilters, mark your calendars!  Our Quilt Show at Barnes & Noble is scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021. The theme is “Fall into Christmas!” which gives you a delightful range of possibilities for quilts to be on display. Signup for volunteering begins at our September meeting and will continue until our November 10th meeting.

If you wish to show a quilt, please pick up an entry form to attach to your quilt.  These are used for my records only and will NOT remain on your quilt during the show.  Any size quilt is welcome; we will try to display the bigger quilts in an attractive and manageable arrangement.  Please bring your quilt to the November 10th General Meeting.