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Aspen Leech presented her project to us. June 2020  

Aspen Leech Presents Project

Aspen is nine years old and has a project that she has invited us to join. Aspen is making dog blankets and taking food to the Mesa County Animal Control. The sizes she requested are: 30 x 20 or 40 X 39.* Aspen also informed us that dogs can see only the colors yellow and blue.  (*Grandma Janet’s note:  Aspen had a wonderful tour of the facility after our SSQ meeting.  We think maybe larger blankets are better overall, but Pillows or floor mats can be the sizes she indicated.  Any old blanket will do, or a blanket made with fabric scraps is also nice. Aspen quickly figured out that making a small scrappy string/foundation quilt is a lot of time, so the simpler the better! She also made two tied fleece blankets, but we’re not so sure about the knots, plus they are pretty bulky to store.  Cindy W donated some flannel sheets, so we will try making some sort of floor pads with those and batting to see how they turn out.  Animal Control also always need towels.   They have a lot of storage room so will always take blankets and towels…and food…any brand except Old Roy.) 

SSQ Members are invited to join her efforts.  Let’s help her fulfill her project goals.  “Friends are like quilts…they never lose their warmth”  Let’s make some more friends.

QUILT Displays for St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s has a quilt display area on the second floor that hangs over the railing, a perfect view for patients waiting for their appointments. Different organizations and quilters that just want to display a quilt are welcome, so let me know and you will be put on a list. Your name will be placed on the front of the quilt in large enough letters for people to read.

Due to the coronavirus the quilt hanging at St. Mary’s will be changed in May.  So… Sheila’s will hang until the end of April, then Ruth’s will hang in May, Nancy Kowal’s in June, and Peggy Pretti’s in July.  If this causes difficulty with your schedules let me know. 

The schedule for the upcoming months is as follows:
Jocie Perotti for August
Sally Pape for September
Bruce Rahn for October
Quilts of Valor for November
Bonnie Stenger for December

Queen-size or full-size quilts hang best. I will enjoy hearing from you.
Thanks, Carol Wilson

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September 2020 – Birthday Bash (SSQ’s Anniversary celebration)

December 2020 – Holiday Celebration for SSQ 

January 2021 Moab Retreat

February 2021 Rendezvous

April 23 and 24, 2021 Mesas to Monuments Quilt Show