Throughout the year Sunset Slope Quilters is host to various happenings.  These scheduled events are a great way to join up with fellow quilters and enjoy sharing our love of quilting.  Some of our events include Rendezvous in February, National Quilting Day in March, Community Affairs Stitch-In in the spring, participation in the Mesa County Fair in July, a biannual quilt show in odd years (2021), and fundraisers at Barnes & Noble in the spring and winter.   We also enjoy an occasional challenge (see below)


**Our  meetings  will comply with Mesa County COVID-19 guide lines and our continuing our concern  for all  our community and members health and well being.  We wish to promote prevention of the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus)!  We hope for your continued good health.  

For our members,  SSQ sponsors a three day Retreat at Moab Utah.  We have our  “Birthday Bash” and our December Holiday Party.

Magazine Quilt Challenge

What’s it all about: Beginning in October 2019, SSQ members who would like to participate will receive a magazine from Judy or Janet. The challenge is to make a quilted project relating to or inspired by something on a magazine page (a word or phrase, picture or color, for example) to display at our next quilt show in 2022. Let your imagination run wild! 

The page will be determined by your picking two numbers 0 through 9 when you receive your magazine. You can then use those numbers to pick a page. For instance, if you get the numbers 3 and 9, you could make a quilt from something that inspires you on page 3, 9, 39, or 93 – so four choices to come up with something intriguing to wow our group with. (Note, if you draw two of the same numbers, you will be allowed to redraw one number.)

The page from the magazine will need to be submitted with your completed challenge with a short paragraph about what it was on the page that inspired your quilt. Maximum size: 200 inches in perimeter

Completed Magazine Challenge Quilts will be displayed through out 2021 on a page dedicated to those challenges. (that’s a lot of time for all of us procrastinators!)  

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