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President’s Corner October 2021 

A Quilter’s Life
A Pinball Machine Experience

Whenever my family gathers it is a colorful, busy experience! We enjoy retelling family stories, sharing new tales of adventure (or mischief…) and just spending time cooking, eating, and laughing (and laughing!)
This visit gave me time with some of my nieces and nephews. More wonderful opportunities to sit around and reminisce about their childhoods as well as ours. Everything was delightfully good fun… even the discussions about who got quilts, when and why… and where is mine?
Now, I must explain the order in which I make and give quilts: There is none! It is all like a giant pinball machine! Fabric and patterns often decide who receives the next quilt. True, new babies take precedence over older members of our clan and yet during this past year and a half I have selected (randomly!) sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, my own children, grandchildren, Richard and yes, even myself to be the recipient of my latest creation.
My niece Kathryn in a recent conversation with her brother, Michael and her cousin,  Donica learned they had each received quilts in the past few months. That got the wheels turning and the flow chart going in Kathryn’s brain and she realized birth order and such had no bearing on who got what and when!  A lively, loud, fun discussion ensued! Try explaining your methods to a roomful of family members who do not share your vision! Bottom line: there are projects on the machine, on the design board, and on the worktable ready to go! I assured Kathryn that hers was on the design board, next in line for the machine. That became the running tagline for every conversation for the remainder of our time together. “You’re on the Design Board!”
Such Fun!!


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