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                                                                                                                 President’s Corner February 2022
We have such a great group of quilters at SSQ! Thanks to everyone for coming early to set up for the meeting and for cleaning up afterward.
What beautiful quilts and projects everyone has been working on. The programs and Block of the Month project are setting the stage for a high level of creativity. Pair all of those with the Moab Retreat and the M2M Quilt Show and we are rolling for the year.
More to come!

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Officers for 2022

President: Carla Alley
     Vice-Pres: Vickie Irvin & Joyce Crooks
           Secretary: Cathy Cormack & Shari Keivit
                Treasurer: Janet Wheeler


(TBA means volunteers needed)

Barnes and Noble Winter: Kathy Morgan
Block of the Month: Donna and Donna
Christmas Stockings: Gabi Mear and Paula Hammons Membership: Debbie Wolfe and Ginny Bright
Community Affairs: Yolanda Crawford (spokesperson),
     Carol Wilson, Helen Baltz Jones

     Door Prizes: Pam Lewshenia
     Donation Table: Pam Lewshenia
     Hospital Displays: Carol Wilson
     Library: Pam Lewshenia and Sue Elliot
Moab Retreat: Dee Hoaglund and Judy Allerheiligen

Habitat for Humanity: TBA
Library: Sue Elliott and Pam Lewshenia

Newsletter: Jewell Buck and E-mail tree: Janet Wheeler      TLC (member cancer Quilt): Rachel Fry 

Publicity: TBA  (Kathy Morgan) 

Website: Donna Garlitz

Nominations: TBA
Photographer: Selah Chipman
Programs 2020: 2021-2022 TBA 

Quilt Show 2022:

Judy Allerheiligen, Janet Wheeler, Sue Elliott, Vickie Irvin, etc and volunteers and ALL MEMBERS.