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President’s Corner June 2020

Hello, Dear Friends!
My little cartoon kinda’ sums up the past 2 months for me! Due to a series of medical mishaps I found myself in the hospital and becoming good friends with the physical therapists at Colorado Canyon Hospital and Rehab Center. After a visit with an orthopedist specialist yesterday,  I am now scheduled for total knee replacement in a few weeks.

Sooo, since my craft room is upstairs, I have not been quilting or doing much of anything “fun” lately! I have
managed to clean out several closets on the first floor of the house, which has been a rewarding and much needed task!

I have enjoyed seeing the many QUAC-UP projects you have completed over the past several months. And, the number of masks that you have sewn is impressive! Well-done, my
friends, well-done!
As of today, we have no word from American Lutheran Church as to when they will reopen their facility. I look forward to the day when we can safely gather and share our many talents and laugh and visit together! 

** See June program page for Alternate Meeting site.

Keep on stitching! Quilting really is the best therapy in the world!


SSQ 2020

In an effort to keep us all happily connected during our pandemic  furlough, your SSQ board has voted via email to bring to you the first (and hopefully last) . .

QUAC-UP challenge QUilters Avoiding COVID – Unfinished Projects.






We have 8 weeks to get busy on UFOs.  Take a before picture, maybe an in-progress picture, then a “done” picture.  Send the pictures along the way to Janet at 216-6865 or via email so she can share via email, Facebook, or the website. 

Plan to bring your projects (or pictures) to the May 13 general meeting (if we have the all clear).  

 $$$ Prizes $$$   

 For each finished UFO, you will receive a ticket.  The more UFOs, the more tickets, the greater chance you have of winning a prize!  You need not be present to win, but you must turn your UFO before-and-after pictures in via phone/email no later than the day before the meeting to be included in the drawing.    

 Let the QUAC-ery begin!

(Note:  The board voted to purchase a few gift certificates from our local shops to help them out during this downtime rather than asking for donations…..remember to support your local quilt/craft shops!)

Sunset Slope Quilters Open Sew

Many of you expressed interest in having more time, more opportunities to finish or practice the techniques or projects you started at Rendezvous, (or finish up those UFOs before the next millennium!)  SSQ Board discussed this topic and we have a plan in place for you!

Open Sew Groups are welcome to use the Fellowship Hall at American Lutheran Church after the General Meetings and Programs.  No need to make reservations. There is plenty of space for multiple groups to gather. You and your friends decide what you want to work on and do it! Pack a lunch, bring your own beverages. Please remember to bring your own supplies (irons, cutting and pressing mats, extension cords, etc.)  The space is available after the General Meeting/Program until 4:00, so enjoy your time!

Date                Fellowship Hall Activity

March 10 (Tues) Community Sew In
April 7 (Tues) SSQ Open Sew
May 13 SSQ Open Sew
June 10 SSQ Open Sew
July 8 SSQ Members’ Garage Sale
August 12 SSQ Open Sew
September Birthday Bash
October 14 SSQ Open Sew
November 11 SSQ Open Sew
December 11 Holiday Celebration

Have fun!

Kathy Morgan

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 Come join us today!

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New Officers for 2020

Linda Smith, Treasurer
     Eva Mae Hinkle, Secretary
          Nickie Irvin, Vice President
                Kathy Morgan, President


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