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President’s Corner April 2021

I have always considered myself an organized individual. In my younger days I could multitask with the best of ‘em! There were times when I had four or five quilts in
various stages of “doneness” on my table or design board.

Recently, I have discovered that attempting to do more than one or two projects at a time spells disaster (and a lot of seam ripping and swearing!) Too many tabs open on this gal’s mental browser! What to do, what to do?
I spent this morning going through the fabrics and patterns I have accumulated over the past several years. Many of them are “Just because” projects; others are “OMG! I gotta’ do this one!” I am sure all of us have a selection of these in our stashes!

I created a ‘To Do’ list with fabrics, patterns, recipient’s name and estimated completion date. I usually do this on New Year’s Day. Ya’ know new year, clean slate, fresh ideas… That kind of mind set. Somehow it did not happen this year…Cannot imagine why!

I feel so much better after doing this! It was time well spent and I can look forward to the next project without stressing over the ones waiting to be done! (Still have not found the 6 missing pinwheel blocks, though! DRATS!)

So, my message to you is: Reorganize! Prioritize! Take a deep breath and enjoy the days ahead!
Be healthy, be happy and quilt!



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