Sunset Slope Quilter’s Community Affairs

 Community Affairs. 

We love our community and take an active part in it.  

Throughout the year, our members select community programs to make contributions of quilting projects to the community efforts.

  • St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Program:  Donations of lap quilts
  • Mesa County Foster Children:  Annual Contributions of a Christmas Stocking for each child
  • Habitat for Humanity Homes:  Periodic gifts to a family completing a new home
  • Other worthy causes that are approved by our membership


TIPS by Char:

In the October/November 2017 issue of “McCall’s QUICK QUILTS”, the
content director Carolyn Beam listed recommended quilt sizes needed for
donations. (I thought the information was timely since we wondered what sizes
were needed for Community Hospital.)

Hospice Bed: 63” by 80”;
Neo Natal: 36” by 36”;
Crib: 34”-36” by 48”;
Wheel Chair: 36” by 48”;
Nap Quilt: 40” by 55”-60”.


Snap a picture of color combinations and fabric choices. Remember the old adage – a picture is worth a thousand words or the camera does not lie. The picture could show you what order to sew the strip sets or that the fabric you think will make a good border does anything but. Now you have a valid reason to update your phone – better phone, better camera, better quilts.

  • SECRETS FOR A MODERN LOOK, courtesy of Diane D. Knott in her book “SCRAP QUILT SECRETS.”
  • Choose clear colors and crisp prints.
  • Enlarge blocks, eliminate pieces, or choose basic patchwork for a bold look.
  • Add solid fabrics or a white background to give scraps an updated image.
  • Choose a simple quilting design.

ADDING A STRIP TO A BIAS EDGE: Place the bias edge next to the feed dogs. This helps prevent the bias edge from stretching as you sew