Sunset Slope Quilter’s Community Affairs

Arlene Switzer Memorial Project

 Community Affairs Committee members Carol Wilson and Joan DyKema have presented a special project to all members of the Sunset Slope Quilters club. 

 The recent passing of our dear friend Arlene Switzer has spurred this project as her family donated many fine fabrics waiting to be a part of a quilt.  These fabrics are leftovers from their garage sale to Community Affairs hoping we will continue Arlene’s devotion to making quilts  The project will be Memorial Blocks in honor of Arlene.  The blocks need to be  12 1/2 inch  blocks using one of the following designs:

A Strip Block

A Log Cabin Block    LOG CABIN BLOCK pattern

An Ohio Star Block   OHIO STAR BLOCK pattern

Please do not square these blocks.  Also there is not a due date due to the upcoming holidays.  Bring the completed block(s) to any of the Community Affairs meetings or any future SSQ General Meeting.  Community Affairs meet on the third Tuesday of the month at Living Hope Church on B 1/2 Rd.

Community Affairs. 

We love our community and take an active part in it.  

Throughout the year, our members select community programs to make contributions of quilting projects to the community efforts.

  • St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Program:  Donations of lap quilts
  • Mesa County Foster Children:  Annual Contributions of a Christmas Stocking for each child
  • Habitat for Humanity Homes:  Periodic gifts to a family completing a new home
  • Other worthy causes that are approved by our membership


TIP  by Char:

In the October/November 2017 issue of McCall’s QUICK QUILTS, the
content director Carolyn Beam listed recommended quilt sizes needed for
donations. (I thought the information was timely since we wondered what sizes
were needed for Community Hospital.)

Hospice Bed: 63” by 80”;
Neo Natal: 36” by 36”;
Crib: 34”-36” by 48”;
Wheel Chair: 36” by 48”;
Nap Quilt: 40” by 55”-60”.