Block of the Month

Block of the Month

Each month the Committee offers an opportunity for members to join them with construction of a block depicting a new technique or pattern with the goal of creating finished quilt project.  The series begins in February and end with a completed block in January of the following year.  


Jewel Buck and Debbie Sasser will be guiding our participating members through each featured block of the month from a design pattern by Sherri Noel of .   Participating members will need to obtain the pattern.   Instructions are e-mailed to members only each month.  Those members without e-mail may pick up written instructions at the meeting.  Contact Jewel Buck or Debbie Sasser for more information.

“Join us for 12 months of fantastic blocks.  Each block will introduce you to a different quilting technique, or refresh your quilting memory.  We have been given permission by the designer, Sherri Noel of to use her block of the month pattern “Scrap Happy”.  Feel free to visit her web site as the patterns for each block will not be included in the newsletter or on SSQ’s website.  The block pattern instructions will be emailed each month to members only upon request.  We are extremely excited about these blocks and hope you become as excited as we are.  Hopefully you will decide to join our adventure.  Happy quilting!”













We are in our eighth month for block of the month.  We had another great participation by members for August’s block, “Twisted Log Cabin”. 



This month’s block is called “Carpenter’s Square”.  Instructions are e-mailed to members only each month.  Those members without e-mail may pick up written instructions at the meeting.  For those members who picked up instructions at the meeting, you might want to color in your sample since it is not in color but black, gray, and white. If you still need help, just give us a call.  Missed the meeting and need the instructions?  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you out!

        Happy Quilting!

        Jewell and Debbie 





Block of the Month 2017 Show

In January, 2018,  the final blocks for the 2017 Block of the Month series were presented.   We anticipate a wonderful show of these assembled quilts at the April 2018 General meeting.  Can you imagine the pictures these blocks will make as a finished quilt top?  Here are the results as shown at our April General Meeting.