July Program

July’s Program: 

July 12—Live Auction!  

Last year’s auction was lively and lots of fun. Members donated GOOD STUFF! There were UFO’s, quilting tools, fabrics, books (good ones), antique things …..anything that quilters will pay $$$’s  for. So look around your house and bring your treasures to the JUNE meeting. Linda Smith will store them until the auction in July.  Come join us for the fun.  You may find something that you just can’t do without!
Vicky Smith has agreed to be our intrepid auctioneer again and will wring the last dollar from anxious customers. Bring money and expect to take home some fabulous bargains.  


Another fund raiser because we donate quilts to St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Center, to  New Homes for the Habitat for Humanity program  and to others who are in need, and we make Christmas stockings for Children in Mesa County Foster Care!