September’s Program


September 11, 2019

         A moment of silence was observed in Remembrance of September 11, 2001 for all who sacrificed their lives on that fateful day.  


It’s Our Birthday!


Attention all members. Look at what you missed at our Birthday meeting and luncheon. 

The luncheon was fabulous dishes consisting of “Salads” provided by all attending.

SSQ provided our Birthday treats.   

We are celebrated another great year of quilting and sharing.  Thank you for joining us! Thanks to all who participate all year long to make SSQ the successful club it is today!

Kathy Morgan organized a great luncheon for all to enjoy!  Thanks Kathy!


Challenge Quilt

SSQ Magazine Quilt Challenge has been issued to all our talented members.


Please bring magazines (no sewing or quilting) to the September meeting for our challenge to kick off in October.
(just a few ideas: travel, hunting & fishing, women’s, entertainment, health)
(Judy A will collect them at membership desk).

The challenge is to design and make a quilted project inspired by a magazine that is NOT a sewing or quilting magazine.   It may be from a hunting, gardening, health fitness, women’s magazine or your favorite topic.   

  • Here are the rules:
    • At the October 9, 2019 meeting, each participating member in this challenge will be given a blindly selected magazine.
    • The page will be determined by your picking two numbers 0 through 9 when you receive
      your magazine. You can then use those numbers to pick a page. For instance, if you get
      the numbers 3 and 9, you could make a quilt from something that inspires you on page 3,
      9, 39, or 93 – so four choices to come up with something intriguing to wow our group with.
      (Note, if you draw two of the same numbers, you will be allowed to redraw one number.)
    • The size will be limited to 200 inches for the perimeter.
    • Make the quilted project related to something on the page you chose (or get stuck with) – i.e., a phrase, a picture, a color, let your imagination run wild! 
    • Submit the page from the magazine with your completed project and a short paragraph about how your project relates to the magazine page.
    • Final Date of Reveal: February 2021 (that’s a lot of time for all of us procastinators!)
  • The Challenge for all who participate:  There will be a dedicated section for the display of these projects at the 2021 Mesas to Monuments Quilt Show

Janet and Judy