August’s Program and Speaker

Our Guest speaker for August was Jan Warren.  She presented a large trunk show from her collection of quilts.

Jan tells us, “I was born with a passion for fabric.  This passion was indulged by a great grandmother and two grandmothers who quilted, and a mother and father who sewed.  My father taught me to sew when I was six.  I started making quilts and painting in high school.  Quilting and art have always been a part of my life.”

“My profession was dental hygiene, but my love is quilting.  Now that I am retired from dental hygiene, I spend most of my time quilting.  Recently I have incorporated fabric painting into my quilting.  The two forms of art complement each other.”

“My favorite aspect of art is color.  I am fascinated by the relationship of colors and my work is a continuing study of color.”

“My husband and I spend a great deal of time hiking, so I am inspired by the wonderful colors of nature.”


August SSQ Workshop

After the August meeting, we started putting together quilts for Community Hospital. For those not in attendance in July, Community Hospital  made a one-time request for either no sew fleece blankets or small rag quilts for chemo patients in wheelchairs.  Our membership voted to grant their request.

THANK YOU to all those that helped us the afternoon of August 9 at the church.