May Program

 Our Guest Speakers for May are Sharon Wright and Barbara Walsh.

Sharon Wright and Barbara Walsh

Sharon has been gathering wool…old skirts, slacks, jackets, etc… for years.

Admitting that I’m not getting any younger and that, should I die unexpectedly, my bag of wool would be returned to the local thrift store from whence they came, I decided that 2018 would begin my “wool Period”.  I happened upon an article showing the “Wool Quilts of Wales” and knew that I had to do at least one.  I am having soooo much fun playing with wool! These quilts are big, heavy, warm, and inviting and I’m sure that you will love looking at them up close and hearing their stories.

As a bonus I’ll be bringing my first quilt in my upcoming “Silk Necktie Period” as well as my newly-acquired collection of ties.

If you have ancestral wool quilts (or even modern ones) please bring them. 


WORKSHOPS – Two Different Workshops – You Pick!
  1.  Precision Piecing
  2.  Well done – Finishing Techniques

When: May 9, 2019 Time: 1 – 5 PM 

Where: American Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 

Cost:  $35.00  Kit: $5.00 for Precision Piecing 

No kit needed for  Finishing Techniques

1,   May 9, 2019 Precision Piecing  

Barbara Walsh : My need to help you cut, sew, and press accurately is not because I spent 32 years demanding excellency from students.  It is simply because quilts go together so much easily when the pieces fit…rather than stretching, pulling, easing, and bunching.  Whether you want to make a show quilts or simply quilts that you will be proud of to show your friends and family, you are sure to pick up some tips and techniques to incorporate into you work.  I have dozens of great tricks to share with you.  I look forward to learning with and from you,

2.  Well Done – Finishing Techniques 

Sharon Wright:  Well Done – In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to do two toned prairie points, piping, tubing (looping), faced binding, curved edge binding, pieced binding, and perfect corners.  I will provide the kit, which will include everything you will need to make a sampler using all of the techniques learned. Trust me, you will refer to it every time you need to decide how to finish your masterpieces.  Come prepared to work quickly, share ideas, and learn a lot!