August Program

Our Guest Speaker for August will be Kim Fauth.

Kim Schrader Fauth has been teaching quilt classes for approximately 10 years but has been quilting for over thirty years. A former math teacher, she is an expert at explaining material so it makes sense.

When she came up with the new ABCD Technique, she shared it with  her Monday quilting group. They strongly encouraged her to write a book because the technique was so new and different. Her teaching background is evident throughout her book. The directions are in white, gray and black with areas of emphasis in blue. Each step is broken down with accurate drawings and hints to make sewing easier. Even though there are only three steps, she has a review page after Step Two so you don’t ruin all your gorgeous fabric! (Yes, we have all done those patterns with six steps to discover at step five something isn’t right….) We saw her fun personality throughout the pages and when she is teaching.

Kim is a native of Illinois but has lived in Colorado, Idaho and Arizona. She recently moved back to Colorado Springs. She is married to Daniel Fauth and has two children, Tyler and Leah. When she isn’t teaching quilting she is tutoring kids in math and traveling as much as possible.




Kim Fauth lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and has written a book called ABCD Quilting. The book uses three fabrics cut into any size squares.  Her book was available for $30, including tax.

Her workshop was held August 9th at the Clarion Hotel.  

Kim taught us about making the units in her book, and then how to play with them to decide on a layout. Kim presented a great hands-on workshop.