2021 Quilt Show

Sunset Slope Quilters will be presenting you with a new Quilt Show in April, 2021

Watch this page for details as our planning progresses.

Sunset Slope Quilters are happy to announce the dates for out Mesas to Monuments Quilt Show to be held in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Save The Dates! April 9th and 10th, 2021.

Attention! We are extending an invitation to vendors to join us in 2021. It has been our experience that attendees appreciate vendors of your caliber at our past quilt shows. In April, 2019, we had over 1100 visitors to our show. Here is what some of our vendors had to say: “The best organized craft event I’ve been to …….” “Happy with the traffic through my booth…..” “We made the most money we’ve ever made at an event…….” “I made 3 times the space fee the first day and did even better the second day…..”

Questions or comments? Contact our vendor coordinators: Please call, text, or email

  • Judy Kiser, (970) 210-0977 jikiser55@gmail.com
  • Linda Roach, (970) 434-7182 rosarian@mac.com

For all our members:

The time is now to join everyone for a Magazine Quilt Challenge. The plan is to complete the quilt project and display these projects at the 2021 Mesas to Monuments Quilt Show.

What’s it all about:

Beginning in October 2019, SSQ members who would like to participate will receive a magazine from Judy or Janet. The challenge is to make a quilted project relating to or inspired by something on a magazine page (a word or phrase, picture or color, for example) to display at our quilt show in 2021. Let your imagination run wild!  The page will be determined by you picking two numbers 0 through 9 when you receive your magazine. You can then use those numbers to pick a page.

For instance, if you get the numbers 3 and 9, you could make a quilt from something that inspires you on page 3, 9, 39, or 93 – so four choices to come up with something intriguing to wow our group with. (Note, if you draw two of the same numbers, you will be allowed to redraw one number.) 

The page from the magazine will need to be submitted with your completed challenge including a short paragraph about what it was on the page that inspired your quilt. 

Maximum size: 200 inches in perimeter.  

Final Date of Reveal: February 2021 (that’s a lot of time for all of us procrastinators!)