Our Monthly Newsletter

President’s Corner October 2017

Hello everyone,

It is with deep gratitude that I thank Judy Allerheiligan and her group of faithful quilters who worked on the nominating committee this year. They presented an outstanding slate of officers which we will elect in October. For the rest of you, I caution that you can’t relax yet! There are still committees which need leadership and many which need just a couple other people to step up and carry some of the load for the chairperson. It can’t be said enough, that if you want the best result from your membership, you need to be part of the workerbees. And here’s a reminder that you are always welcome to attend a board meeting. Perhaps if you see that it’s usually painless, you’ll be more inclined to take part.

Doesn’t a change in the weather bring you energy? I’ve cleaned up my quilting room, and have 42 blocks on the design wall, a start toward the 90 I’ll need for a king-size
quilt. I’ve added items to my shopping list for some slowcooker meals which will give me more sewing time. And I’ve switched out some of the summer decor for fall colors. A new look is invigorating. 

Keep on quilting!