Our Monthly Newsletter

 President’s Corner July 2017

Have you all found something to help beat the summer
heat? I pulled out a kit purchased in Moab and completed
a small wall quilt which will be under the Christmas tree
for my daughter. Sewing is peaceful and a cool way to
spend the day.

Those of you who spent time with Cindy Needham,
whether at the regular meeting or in one of her two classes,
must be spending plenty of time marking all the old
linens you’ve collected. We expect to see some wonderful
quilted masterpieces in the coming months.

Vicky Smith is warming up her vocal cords so that she
can exact every last dollar from us at the auction in July!
We can still accept items for sale, with proceeds going
to SSQ. This is a really fun activity; I hope we have a big
turnout in July. I will be recovering from knee surgery, so
will miss it. I hope you and your friends make plans to
have lunch together at Chili’s afterwards. These moneymaking
activities help keep our dues low, so each one of
us needs to be supportive.

Happy birthday USA and happy Fourth of July to everyone!
– Joan

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