Our Monthly Newsletter

President’s Corner September 2017

Hello SSQ friends,
I am so grateful for the friends I’ve made over nearly 20 years in SSQ! I feel like I have a family here. As in any family, it’s important for each member to have some responsibility. Those who “just ride” and don’t contribute, don’t reap the benefit of feeling part of the group.

It’s the same with a club. When you contribute, you feel ownership, and ownership brings rewards. This year the Board meetings have been brief, uncontentious, even fun! During those meetings, we plan the agenda for SSQ business meetings, assess programs and workshops, and offer suggestions to one another about upcoming events. Everyone’s input is respected.

There are members of SSQ who have never stepped up to take an office or served as committee chairs and attended Board meetings. It’s time for you to realize that the club can’t continue without leadership and you will be rewarded with a bigger sense of family if you are part of that leadership. Please say “YES!” when called by the nominating team. You will make new friends and have a great time doing something worthwhile.

With gratitude – Joan