Sunbonnet Sue of Month


President Crawford announced that this month’s Sunbonnet Sue of the Month is Kathy Morgan.   Kathy has been a leader and busy participant with our holiday celebrations and Barnes and Noble fund raisers and fills in when asked for a helping hand

  Thanks Kathy  for all you do.    

January, 2019  Linda Smith

February, 2019   Ruby Davis 

March 2019  Jewell Buck and Debbie Sasser

April, 2019  Rachel Fry

May, 2019  Joannie Dykema 

June, 2019  Rose Penoyer

July, 2019  Judy Allerheiligen

August, 2019  Helen Baltz-Jones

September, 2019  Jackie Aguilar

October, 2019  Gabi Mears

November, 2019  

December, 2019  Kathy Morgan




Hall of Fame

2018 SunBonnet Sue of Month January: Joan Walker, Gabi Mear, Char Knoll, and Linda Smith       February:  Diane Abraham     March: Janet Wheeler  April: Diana Sheldon   May: Donna Garlitz       June: Marion Biersdorf    July:  Caroline Brueggeman    August:  Peggy Pretti     September:  Judy Kiser   October:  Mary Leach and Sherri Creer     November: Kris Murphy   December: Paula Hammons and June Hall