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Informational Meeting,
after November Program

This meeting is for YOUR comments, YOUR suggestions, and informal Q&A. Please note, you are NOT volunteering by showing up. (But of course you CAN volunteer at any time!) If you can’t attend and would like to be heard, please drop an email or text to Judy or Janet before the November general meeting.
Thank you for your input!!

SSQ 2019 Christmas Party

The Covered dish for our party is Soup, Salad, or Dessert.  In November, each member can Sign up for our Christmas Party to bring a soup, salad, or dessert.

Remember our Gift Exchange is “Quilts in the Kitchen” theme...potholders, mitts, aprons, table-toppers, etc.
Need More Info?
Contact Kathy Morgan.

We are very fortunate to have our very capable Editor, Janet Wheeler in charge.  Thank you Janet.  

 The deadline for submitting information to our Editor for publication in the monthly newsletter is the third Wednesday of each month.

Only members will be sent a complete copy of the newsletter by e-mail each month.  

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Sunbonnet Sue of the Month for this month 

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Sunbonnet Sue Recommendation

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Quilt Documentation

CQC (Colorado Quilt Council) conducted a quilt documentation on June 1 at First Presbyterian Church (Cortland & 27-1/2 Road). SSQ sponsored this day, at our cost, so that our members can have your precious quilts listed in the Colorado Quilting Council database. It’s quite a privilege to have your quilt(s) examined, measured, photographed and admired by a group of experienced documenters! 

Attending an event like this is educational to all 

The completed documentation for each quilt will be mailed 3 photos, a copy of the completed form and a label for the back of your quilt.

The completed documentation for each quilt will be mailed 3 photos, a copy of the completed form and a label for the back of your quilt.

SSQ has a sizable investment in this project to carry on the stories of our quilts! Thank you Joan Walker for being our leader for this event.

 Our Newsletters help keep our members informed about the monthly events that are planned throughout the year.  


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New Officers for 2019

Connie Edwards, Treasurer
     Eva Mae Hinkle, Secretary
          Kathy Morgan, Vice President
                Yolanda Crawford, President


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