Welcome to Sunset Slope Quilters

Thank you for visiting. Sunset Slope Quilters has something for everyone, from beginners to experienced quilters, from traditional to art quilters and everything in between.  It’s important to share our knowledge with others.  One of the great things to do is passing that knowledge on to others.  We have members that are doing that by keeping it all in the family. 


Reminder: Our Next General Meeting is on Wednesday, May 8th


We wish to Thank all of you who attended our

2019 Monuments to Mesas Quilt Show.

We had over 1000 visitors (not including all the wonderful volunteers and vendors) to SSQ’s quilt show over Friday and Saturday.  We hope that you enjoyed the presentations by our members and friends.  Each quilt shows the wonderful talents and skills along the dedication of time.  

Our sincere thanks to those of you who volunteered your time and efforts, including the quilt show committee members, to make the show the success that it was.  This includes the many family members who helped with the tough jobs such as hauling racks and setting up.



A common creative thread binds us all together; we enjoy monthly meetings, programs, workshops, giving to our community, and participation in special events throughout the year. As an SSQer, everything we do is always flavored with friendly fellowship.

Come and join us now and in the coming 2019 year to expand your quilting knowledge and to enjoy special time with fellow quilters.

View all of our pages to follow up on our latest quilting adventures and programs. 

Remember that quilting is a gift you give yourself and others.